About Academic Counseling

School counselors support each student’s learning and success in academics.



Your Teachers 

When you have any questions about class assignments, topics, tests or grading, our Mater Dei teachers are your best contact. Communicate with your teacher in person or by sending them an email

Office Hours

Use your Office Hours & Flex Day Wednesday time wisely. It is meant for getting ahead on homework, getting additional support from teacher (just sitting in their classroom does not count—ask questions!), and working on group projects. Teachers are also available at this time and are willing to answer any of your questions - Ask them! 

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is now available! Peer tutors volunteer to help with most subjects in the library. Email Ms. McElroy at mmcelroy@materdei.org to get connected.


Check your upcoming assignments and plan to study ahead of exams. (Make sure to upload assignments that you have finished but have forgotten to submit!)


Student Zone & Counseling Page

Check the Student Zone section of Canvas - Ms. Olsen has shared several great resources for study tips, and Counselors are creating a Counseling Page for resources & FAQs as well.


Check your grades on assignments and tests. Make sure you complete any missing assignments and make up tests needed. Parents, you can set up a weekly grade summary report email from Aeries to help you check on your student’s progress.  

Tech Hub 

If you have any issues with your iPad or technology, ask for support at the Tech Hub in the library.

Wellness Counseling

If something else that is going on is making school work difficult, please speak to your counselor. Your school counselors and wellness counselors are available to support any social, emotional, personal, academic, and all types concerns.

Learning Center Study Hall

Study hall is a new program run by Coach Dory in the Learning Center. This program is intended to be an option for any student who is struggling in their classes, and will meet twice per week in the library to review classes & assignments. It will be a scheduled time to get work complete with support. Contact your counselor for more information.

Learning Center 

The Learning Center (LC) is a dedicated space in the library open to all students from 7:30am to 3:30pm who need extra assistance and/or a quiet, monitored place to study. The LC is staffed full-time by two learning specialists.

Academic Assistance Program (AAP) 

MD teachers offer free, drop-in tutoring for one hour before/after school. Check for the most updated AAP schedule on the Muth Family Center for Learning page.

Monarch Academic Program for Success (MAPS)

MDHS provides reasonable accommodations and support within its current classroom organization to students with documented learning/attention differences through the Monarch Academic Program for Success (MAPS). Please contact the Muth Family Center for Learning for more information.  





Learn more about resources for testing & accommodations at the Learning Center here



Course Planning & Scheduling 


Credit Recovery Program


CSF Sign-ups & NHS Sign-ups (NHS Invitation 2020-21)


Summer School


Service Hours